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SPAI brings FESPA 2013 Awards to the printers across India with opportunity to win Euros 5000
28 February 2013 - SPAI - FESPA
SPAI brings FESPA 2013 Awards to the printers across India with opportunity to win Euros 5000
Dadar, Andheri and Thane printers now get exposed to the Cross Country Table Top Exhibition - CCTTE-
26 December 2011 - SPAI - FESPA
With successful tours to Aurangabad, Pune, Nasik, Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Morbi, Rajkot, Noida, Ludhiana and Jallandhar in CCTTE 1 to 4, it was the turn of 3 suburbs in Mumbai to get exposed to CCTTE-5.
Printers at Noida, Ludhiana and Jallandhar taste the flavour of Cross Country Table Top Exhibition (
16 October 2011 - SPAI - FESPA
After Three Tours of CCTTE-1 at Aurangabad, Pune, Nashik at end of April’11, CCTTE-2 at Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, in mid July’11 and CCTTE-3 at Ahmedabad at end of August’11, the CCTTE Team moved to North India to showcase CCTTE-4 at Noida on 13/10, Ludhiana on 14/10 and Jallandhar on 15/10.
FESPA Managing Director- Exhibitions and Events – Mr. Neil Felton, visits Mumbai
22 September 2011 - SPAI - FESPA
Neil Felton who took charge of his position in May 2011 and is responsible to direct FESPA’s international portfolio of exhibitions, which includes the flagship FESPA 2013 event (London), FESPA Digital 2012 (Barcelona), FESPA Asia 2011 (Singapore), FESPA Mexico (2011, 2012, Mexico City) and FESPA Americas 2012 (Miami), was on his first visit to India, from 19-21 Sep 2011.
Printers from Ahmedabad, Morbi, Rajkot and Saurashtra enjoy 3rd Tour of SPAI-FESPA Cross Country Tab
29 August 2011 - SPAI - FESPA
With two successful Tours of the unique model of half day exhibitions by SPAI, supported by FESPA, during CCTTE-1 at Aurangabad, Pune & Nashik, end of April 2011, and CCTTE-2 at Vapi, Surat and Vadodara, in mid July, CCTTE-3 saw halls full of visitors at Ahmedabad on 26/08, Morbi on 27/08 and Rajkot on 28/08
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Grafica’s Nano-PrinTex, Direct-to-Garment automatic Textile Screen Printing Machine unveiled
05 February 2012 - Textile
Grafica Flextronica, a leading manufacturer and exporter of screen printing machines and allied equipment, has unveiled Grafica’s Nano-PrinTex, direct to garment automatic textile screen printing machine on 4th February 2012 at its Factory in Vasai, about 50 km from Mumbai.
Grafica rolls out world's first and only 5-in-1 nano-screen maker
05 August 2010 - Screen
Grafica Flextronia, a leading manufacturer of flat bed semi automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines and allied products, has rolled out the world’s first and only 5-in-1 compact Nano Screen Maker and Nano-Squeegee Sharpener at a launching ceremony held on May 15, 2010 at the company's premises in Vasai, near Mumbai. 5-in-1 is a single-phase plug ‘n’ play device mounted on a smooth castor wheel for mobility.
Transparent UV Screen printing inks from CöLöRs
13 October 2009 - Inks
Printing on wide variety of substrates is now possible using UV inks, according to Mumbai based, CöLöRs, which offers a wide range of products such as offset spot colors, metallic shades, fluorescent colors, U.V inks, varnishes and high end specialty inks. And, it has recently introduced Transparent UV Screen inks for printing on metalized silver and gold foils (Met Pet).
Get stainless steel effect on membrane keyboards, keypads & fascia panel
28 September 2009 - Films
An innovative new hard coated polyester film for producing stainless steel effects for membrane keyboards, keypads and fascia panels has been introduced by MacDermid Autotype, a manufacturer of specialized films and chemicals for screen print and industrial graphics.
Allied Sales Corp stimulates Sensation among 11 printers in Mumbai
05 September 2009 - Screen
Mr. Rajeev Gokhale, owner of Mumbai based Allied Sales Corporation and a member of Screen Printers’ Association of India (SPAI), has stimulated a sensation in the printing industry by inspiring 11 reputed printers to buy Sensation book from SPAI, a special effects compilation created by FESPA.
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A veteran screen printer's under water oil painting of Lord Ganesh
25 August 2009 - Trends
Concerned over this year’s disappointing monsoon, during this year’s Ganesh Festival, Akbar J. Momin, the founder-director of PRINTINDIA, Mumbai based multi dimensional printing house, made an effort to express his prayer to Allah or the God through his artistic skills by drawing a rare and unique under-water oil painting which has attracted lot of media attention (Aj Tak, Indian Express, Asian Age, etc).
“Indian screen printing industry has a very bright future,” says Abhishek Print Line MD
13 August 2009 - Screen
“Indian screen printing industry has a very bright future. The only issue which we need to address is continuous improvement in our quality and quantity which can be achieved by deploying new machines and technologies, now easily available in India”, says Chander Prakash Paul, Managing Director of Abhishek Print Line (APL), a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of printing machine including screen printing machine.
Sprayway makes headway in Indian market
07 August 2009 - Interview
Bangalore based Sprayway India, an Indian arm of US based Sprayway Inc has recently introduced a new product for screen printing industry – a Water Based Screen Opener. A detailed write up on this product has been posted under ‘Product News’ section of this portal.
Screen printing’s thinner than a millimeter role!
08 July 2009 - Screen
A new cutting-edge battery is all set to replace the batteries that were hitherto bulky and heavy. As could be seen in the picture, it is thinner than a millimeter, lighter than a gram, as claimed by its creators. It can be produced cost-effectively through screen printing process, quite similar to that used for t-shirts and signs.
Fusion of Digital & Screen process makes us successful Total Print Solution Providers: Cosmic MD
04 July 2009 - Combo process
"A fusion of digital and screen process makes us successful Total Print Solution Providers", says Mr. P.K. Lamba, Managing Director of India’s Cosmic Advertisers Pvt Ltd. The company is a turnkey solution provider in advertising and display products. It has recently added more energy to execute orders with AccuSpeed.
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